What do we believe in?

We take care of the environment using materials coming from waste and that will go back to garbage in order to be transformed in something new again.

We believe sustainability is one of the major preoccupations of our modern society and all what is not recyclable will play a decreasing role in the market. We do ask ourselves what is the point of making paper banners when paper can be perfectly replaced with plasma screens? Why making paper books when bytes can be so easily transported? Why organising massive advertising campaign when social networks are the most trusted advisers? Social networks create a phenomenon of information recyclability that gives credibility to the product in the market and makes it sustainable.

We believe consumers are genuinely, and in an irrepressible manner, looking for individuality in the objects they buy. Unconsciously they recognize that the value is not in the object of desire, but in the desire itself and the promise of satisfaction that this object will generate. Why buying a wonderful car or a branded suit if we only want to desire that car or suit and use them for a little while before having a new call for? Identity (more than quality, price and composition) promises to understand consumer’s wish.
We trust that living without desire is falling into the obscurity of life. Desires are what keep us vivacious, not the still lifes of shopwindows.