Tyvek for scenery, climbing structures and decoration

Sceneries of Tyvek are ideal due to their low weight and excellent tensile properties due to their low weight and excellent tensile properties. A simple structure of plastic tubes, or thin wood, or the lightest material found, allows for tensing Tyvek of 43, 55, 75, or 110 grams per square meter. Note that the 43g per square meter material is more than enough for this use. Let’s imagine a curtain of 16 meters by 5 meters, which would weight only 3,44 kilos!
This means, that with a rope or thread which can hold 215 grams on each of the 16 meter sides, it would be enough. Doing this with PVC or cloth, it would be impossible.
Furthermore, Tyvek is not shiny as PVC, which makes it so difficult to light from the front.

Tyvek is also ideal for rock climbing structures because it’s easy to install. It can be tied to the climbing rocks with fishing line, or with double-sided tape, it can be easily cut to un cover the stones, and it’s excellent for announcements on climbing walls.
Below you can see a few examples of usage on big surfaces, and a simulation of a climbing structure before and after the announcement.