Tyvek for scenery, climbing structures and decoration

Sceneries of Tyvek are ideal due to their low weight and excellent tensile properties due to their low weight and excellent tensile properties. A simple structure of plastic tubes, or thin wood, or the lightest material found, allows for tensing Tyvek of 43, 55, 75, or 110 grams per square meter. Note that the 43g per square meter material is more than enough for this use. Let’s imagine a curtain of 16 meters by 5 meters, which would weight only 3,44 kilos!

About the Tyvek® Wallet

The first Tyvek® wallets were designed by Amorrortu in the year 2004. The people from DuPont Argentina certify this.

In 2005 the MightyWallet came up as an innovative product. The problem of the MightyWallet is that they use a lot of Tyvek material. The same 50 by 70 cm sheet, which is used in the offset printer, fits 1 Mighty or 6 Tybag, as we can see below.

Tyvek banners at the Barcelona Fair 2013

We were also present at the fair with these banners. The client requested them at the last minute, the day before; they were printed, sent by courier overnight, and on the next morning the client was able to put them up.

Another client who can set up our banners independently!

Tyvek Stands at the Barcelona Fair 2013

Again this year Streetmarketing was present at the Barecelona Fair – Feria de Barcelona. Their stands were built 100% with Tyvek and set up by them, with no specialized personnel involved, thanks to the new system developed by Amorrortu Publicidad.

Once more, we would like to thank Streetmarketing for their trust!

New system for tyvek banners with stripes

With this new system designed by us you can achieve wider banners for the same price.

No need to use cabel binders. They are very easy to install and convenient for fences. This improves the installation process and makes banners more resistant.

We thank Streetmarketing for the trust given to us.

Tyvek tents for Behobia

All the walls of the tents for the Behobia 2012 competition were done with drawings from “Callate la boca”, by Oskar Kasla. As always, with Tyvek.

Any tent can be decorated with printed Tyvek. You can replace PVC walls, or any other kind, by Tyvek, or put it on top.

Tywall system with Tyvek at the beach in San Sebastián

During the summer season we make stunning presence at the beach with the Tywall system for long Tyvek banners. These banners are the lightest of all and most resistant. Anyone can set up one of these, without having to hire specialized services.

All the necessary materials are sent by mail.