Visuelle Kommunikation

Simple to install, ultra-light – they weight 6 to 12 times less than a PVC banner. They do not contain ftalatos (that causes cancer) like PVC, they don’t bleach or turn yellow, don’t fray being of a single material. They come from garbage and are recyclable. They are made of Tyvek.
Kilometrical banners: To be placed on fences, wire fences, walls, buildings, and so on.
“A flag without wind is a life with no punch” this phrase from an unknown author reflects a sad reality. The advertiser spends money decorating a site with flags, but if the wind is not participating, it’s a total waste. Reason why we developed the “Windlessflag” - it always flies, with or without wind.
Portable scenery: For inside or outside, major auditorium or small staging of a street circus.
Press panels: Opaque or transparent press panels. Transparent ones allow seeing the interviewee, behind him or her, the brand, and behind everything, the action.
Background for movable podium : Ideals for winter competition.
Calendar: To remember important years as they last forever

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